Sip of the Day – February 8, 2008

Sip of the Day: Data Shredder

Titera’s Tidbit: By and Large
A ship enjoying a fair, constant breeze such as a trade wind was said to be sailing “at large”, meaning its sails did not have to be constantly adjusted to account for fluctuations in the breeze. A ship sailing against the airflow was said to be “by the wind”. “By and large” thus means, in its original sense, “under all conditions”, which is different from its current meaning of “generally” or “for the most part”.

· Muslims Training Children to be Terrorists
· Got a Website You Love to Hate? Destroy It!
· Women Cannot Drink Coffee with Men in Saudi Arabia
· Astronomy Picture of the Day

Video of the Day: Will Ferrell Crashes CNBC Power Lunch (Rated: PG)


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