Sip of the Day – May 5, 2008

Sip of the Day: Is Bigger Always Better?

Titera’s Tidbit: New York Rangers
In 1925, G.L. Rickard, the Texas-born owner of New York’s Madison Square Garden and a famed boxing promoter, decided to add a hockey team to his empire – at least in part to take on the New York Americans, a team owned by a rival promoter. Rickard had not yet decided on a name for his squad when a sportswriter made a punning reference to “Tex’s Rangers”. The “Rangers” part stuck, and the team has played under that name since 1926.

· Amazing Pictures of Artist Dangling Out of Skyscraper
· Central Washington Offers the Ultimate Act of Sportsmanship
· The Seven Wonders of America
· Super Sip Site – Moving to Colorado?

Video of the Day: Two Ball Bowling Trick (Rated: G)


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