Sip of the Day – August 5, 2008

Sip of the Day: Firefox Crash Report

Titera’s Tidbit: 7-Eleven
In 1927, an employee at the Southland Ice Company in Dallas, Texas, began to sell bread, milk, and eggs on Sundays and at night when regular grocery stores were closed. He named the impromptu store “Tote’m”. Southland went on to establish other stores in Texas, open from 7am to 11pm, and renamed those stores to reflect those expanded hours in 1946. The name remains, even though most 7-Eleven stores are now open around the clock.

· Dead Monster Washes Ashore in Montauk
· Major MIT Discovery Primed to Unleash Solar Revolution
· Iraq War Was Definitely Not For Oil: $50 Billion Surplus
· Super Sip Speed – Speed Read Faster Than You Have Ever

Video of the Day: Biggest Wheel of Fortune Loser (Rated: PG)

Wheel Of Fortune’s #1 Dumbass – Watch more free videos


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