Sip of the Day – August 27, 2008

Sip of the Day: Find Lost Windows

Titera’s Tidbit: Pennyroyal
The common name of Mentha pulegium, a kind of mint, represents a little reputation-cleaning somewhere in history, “penny” having been substituted for pulegium, which means “relating to fleas”. The “royal” part of the name supposedly derives from the noble European households where “pennyroyal” was cultivated for a major medieval task – namely killing fleas by means for the plant’s natural pesticides.

· VP Candidate Biden Is No Friend to File Sharing
· Intel Cuts Electric Cords with Wireless Power System
· When Lightning Strikes: Household Hazards to Avoid
· Super Sip Software – CDBurnerXP

Video of the Day: Olympics Swimming Trial (Rated: PG)


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