Sip of the Day – November 10, 2008

Sip of the Day:
Photography Tip – Leading Lines

Titera’s Tidbit: Three Sheets to the Wind
On a sailing vessel, sheets are ropes that control the sails. Typically, two sheets control the fore sail, and one the smaller aft sail, though this configuration differs from vessel to vessel. If the sheets are to the wind, it means that they’re flapping about in the breeze and the sails are not under control, just as a person said to be “three sheets in the wind” – drunk, that is – steers about wildly.

· This is the Saddest Picture You Will See All Day
· Goldman Sachs Takes $12B Bailout, Hands Out Bonuses
· Circuit City Files for Bankruptcy Protection
· Super Sip Site – : The Colorado Fourteeners

Video of the Day: South Park, CO Celebrates Obama Win! (Rated: PG)


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