Sip of the Day – November 17, 2008

Sip of the Day:
Vista: Putting Gadgets in Your Windows Sidebar

Titera’s Tidbit: POV
In screenplays, “POV” is an abbreviation for “point of view”, indicating the placement of the camera to represent the vantage point of a particular player or an omniscient narrator. The term has since entered into civilian slang to mean something like “opinion”, as in, “From my ‘POV’, he is wrong.”

· Amazing Flash Games: Check Out Robokill
· Thirsty Houseplants Demand Attention with Twitter Kit
· Schwab Announces Decision Not to Participate in Bailout
· Super Sip Software – Secunia PSI

Video of the Day: Airship Swims Through Air (Rated: G)

Air Art from flip on Vimeo.


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