Sip of the Day – December 5, 2008

Sip of the Day:
Photography – Fixing Photos

Titera’s Tidbit: Fiancé
A man who is engaged to be married is called his partner’s fiancé; a woman similarly engaged is called her partner’s fiancée. These words are pronounced identically in English; the separate feminine form exists because of the inflectional morphology of grammatical gender in French, where the term originated. – Congratulations Madonna & Greg!

· Was Wood Discovered on Mars?
· 5 Ways To Fix A Stuck Pixel On Your Screen
· O.J. Simpson to Serve at Least 9 Years for Robbery
· Super Sip Screens – LCD TV & Beer Dispenser

Video of the Day: Sharkman Takes a Ride on a Great White (Rated: PG)


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