Sip of the Day – January 7, 2009

Sip of the Day:
Vista – Windows Media Player 11

Titera’s Tidbit: Raton Pass
Like Boca Raton, Florida, the Spanish name for this mountain pass on the Colorado-New Mexico line comes from the generic word meaning “mouse” or “rodent”. As with the Florida site, the term is metaphorical, applied to the sharp rocks lining the canyon walls that can saw through a rope or a cinch in a single cut, making the place particulary dangerous for travelers.

· iTunes Going Primarily DRM Free
· Apple Introduces New Laptop With No Keyboard
· MacWorld Keynote: Still Kickin’ Even Without Jobs
· Super Sip Seats – Airbus A380 Cockpit: 360 View

Video of the Day: Vincent Dooly—Inventor (Rated: PG)


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