Sip of the Day – June 19, 2009

Sip of the DayBest Sunscreens for the Summer

Titera’s Tidbit: Weird
In Old Norse belief, which had reflexes in Old English society, “weird” meant “fate”, as in, “It is my ‘weird’ to become king of all this land.” Because the twistings of fate are unpredictable and often surprising, the word came to take on the sense of “strange, and not pleasantly so”.

· I Can’t Believe I’m Still Single
· Barrel ‘Monster’ Gets Student Arrested
· How to Use the Best 40 Features of New iPhone 3.0 OS
· Iran’s Supreme Leader Says: Stop Protests or Expect Violence
· Super Sip Site –

Gymnast Shawn Johnson Put To Sleep After Breaking Leg


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