Sip of the Day – July 30, 2009

Sip of the DayThe Best Restaurants

Titera’s Tidbit: One-Sheet
In the movie industry, a “one-sheet” is the poster hanging in theaters and DVD rental shops to advertise a film. The idea is to fit all the important names — lead actors, producer, director, writer — onto a single piece of paper, rather than the endless list of credits that now comes with most movies. For anyone involved in a film, it’s an accomplishment to get one’s own name on the “one-sheet”.

· Just Kickin’ Back…..Oh, Sup?
· Yearbook Photos that Musicians Wish We’d Never Seen
· Apple’s New iPhone Only Visible to Most Loyal Customers
· Southwest Makes Bid to Buy Denver-Based Frontier Airlines
· Super Sip Songs –

Get Out of My Spot!


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