Sip of the Day – September 30, 2009

Sip of the DayWindows 7: Retail Cost vs. OEM

Titera’s Tidbit: Geek
In the closed language of carnival workers, a “geek” was someone who performed bizarre and memorable acts – something along the lines of driving a needle through both cheeks. Somehow the term mutated over the years to mean someone capable of understanding how a computer or bit of software works, with the result that “geek” is now used as a compliment.

· Now What? Water is Found on Mars
· Nope, The Photos Are Not Photoshopped
· 100,000 Invitations to Preview Google Wave
· Major Disaster: At Least 99 Dead in Massive Tsunami
· Super Sip Security – Microsoft Security Essentials

Cat in a Goldfish Bowl


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