Sip of the Day – October 9, 2009

Sip of the DayWindows 7: Clean Install – Part III

Titera’s Tidbit: Opium
In ancient Greek, any sort of sap or vegetable juice was called opos. The particularly resinous poppy the grew in Greek-speaking Anatolia, what is now Turkey, was called opion, which yielded the Latin word opiatus, “that which puts to sleep”, and the English word “opium”.

· The Best Epic Riot Picture Ever
· ATI HD Radeon 5870: Fastest Videocard Ever
· How To Accurately Predict The Lottery On Live TV
· Rockies Even Up Series at 1 and 1—Next Game in the Snow?
· Super Sip Street Software – MapQuest Navigator for the iPhone

Hail Mary to Win!


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