Sip of the Day – March 15, 2010

Sip of the DayWindows 7: The New Taskbar

Titera’s Tidbit: Hurricane
A “hurricane” is not so named because it hurries, although this kind of massive tripical storm can attain deadly speeds. Instead, the word, borrowed from the language of the Carib Indians, is originally the name of their storm god, Aracan, sometimes spelled Huirancan.

The 12 Biggest Rip-Offs in America
So Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?
Listen Up: Dating Guide for Single Woman
‘Faster’, ‘Instant’ Digg 2.0 Unveiled at SXSW
Super Sip Site –—Enormous Panoramic Photos

Large or Small, Investors Rule from Michael J Titera on Vimeo.


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