Sip of the Day – February 18, 2011

Sip of the Day Windows 7: Creating the Initial User Account

Titera’s Tibit: Uncle Sam
During the War of 1812, American armies massed near Albany, New York, to ward off a British invasion from Canada. They were provisioned by a sutler named Samuel Wilson, who marked his goods with a stenciled “U.S.”. When a soldier asked what it meant, the story goes, another soldier replied, “That’s from our Uncle Sam”. The name stuck as a synonym for the country as a whole, and Sam Wilson’s grave in Troy, New York, is a popular tourist attraction.

Photos: Rocky Mountain Air Show
Twenty Three Completely Useless Signs
Internet Explorer 9 Goes for Good and Trustworthy
Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe Finally Revealed—Probably Not!
Super Sip Site – Learn the Basics of Photoshop: Complete Guide


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