Sip of the Day – March 25, 2011

Sip of the DayWindows 7: Parental Controls

Titera’s Tidbit: Yahoo!
A coinage by Jonathan Swift for the strange tribe of humans Gulliver meets in his travels, “yahoo” somehow mutated into a cowboy’s enthusiastic yell and, much more recently, the tongue-in-cheek acronym for a search engine called Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. The company’s founders were well aware of both Swift and the cowboy cry, the second which inspired their use of the exclamation mark.

The 8 Most Tough Protesters Ever!
The 10 Best Pieces of Star Wars Music
Seriously Jaw-Dropping Picture of the Sun
Tsunami Waves at Sea Captured by Coast Guard
Super Sip Streaming – Moki.TV: Brings Everything Together


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