Sip of the Day – April 1, 2011

Sip of the DayWin7: Parental Controls – Time Limits & Games

Titera’s Tidbit: Chicago Bears
— In 1921, this famed football team was brought to Chicago from its first home in Decatur, Illinois, where it had borne the name of owner A.E. Staley. The new owner, George Halas, worked out a deal with baseball team owner William Wrigley to play in his stadium, then called Cubs Park. The football players, bigger and rougher than their baseball counterparts, called themselves the “Bears” to distinguish themselves in their new home.

Video: Will Ferrell On The Office
Live Footage: Earthquake Cracks Moving
Brave Man Drives Away Flaming Fuel Tanker
The Basics of Video Editing: The Complete Guide
Super Sip Software – New Gmail Motion (Beta)


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