Sip of the Day – The New Apple iPhone 5: Everything You Need to Know

Sip of the DayiPhone 5—Everything You Need to Know

Titera’s Tidbit: Luna 2
Luna 2 (E-1A series) was the second of the Soviet Union’s Luna programme spacecraft launched to the Moon. It was the first spacecraft to reach the surface of the Moon. On September 14 1959 it successfully impacted with the lunar surface east of Mare Imbrium near the craters Aristides, Archimedes, and Autolycus.

Greatest Website Ever:
What to Look for in a Good Auto Repair Shop
How to Check If You’re Eligible for a New iPhone Upgrade
Everything You Need to Know About iOS 6 in Under Three Minutes
Super Sip Silicon – Video: The Spanking Brand New Apple iPhone 5

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