Sip of the Day – 7 Money Stumbles to Avoid (Part 3)

Sip of the DaySip of the Day7 Money Stumbles to Avoid (Part 3)

Titera’s Tidbit: Meteorites
A meteorite is a meteoroid (a solid piece of debris from such sources as asteroids or comets) originating in outer space that survives impact with the Earth’s surface. Three major meteorites fell to earth on January 18th. The Tagish Lake meteorite fell on January 18, 2000 in the Tagish Lake area in northwestern British Columbia, Canada. The Cando event was an explosion that occurred in the village of Cando, Galicia, Spain, in the morning of January 18, 1994. Local residents claim it was a meteor, as an object “the size of a full moon” was seen in the skies of the Spanish region of Galicia. On January 18, 1916, a 611 gram chondrite type meteorite struck a house near the village of Baxter in Stone County, Missouri.

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