Sip of the Day – Don’t Get Burned by Your Sunscreen – Up&Up and Equate are Tops!

Sip of the DaySip of the DayDon’t Get Burned by Your Sunscreen – Up & Up and Equate Rock!

Titera’s Tidbit: Johnstown Flood
The Johnstown Flood (or Great Flood of 1889) occurred on May 31, 1889. It was the result of the catastrophic failure of the South Fork Dam situated on the Little Conemaugh River 14 miles upstream of the town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, made worse by several days of extremely heavy rainfall. The dam’s failure unleashed a torrent of 20 million tons of water from the reservoir known as Lake Conemaugh. With a volumetric flow rate that temporarily equalled that of the Mississippi River, the flood killed 2,209 people and caused $17 million of damage (the equivalent of about $425 million in 2012 dollars). It was the first major disaster relief effort handled by the new American Red Cross, led by Clara Barton.

Learn a Little Beer Lingo For Easier Ordering
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Southwest A-List Automatically Checks You Into Southwest Flights
Windows 8.1 Adds a Start Button, More Touch Features, and Will Be Free
Super Sip Summer – Summer of Design Teaches You Core Design Principles – All Free!


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