Sip of the Day – Buying Appliances: Best Stores for Price, Selection, and More

Sip of the DaySip of the DayBuying Appliances: Best Stores for Price, Selection, and More

Titera’s Tidbit: Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson II
This was a professional boxing match contested on June 28, 1997 for the WBA Heavyweight Championship. Tyson began the third round with a furious attack. With forty seconds remaining in the round Holyfield got Tyson in a clinch, and Tyson rolled his head above Holyfield’s shoulder and bit Holyfield on his right ear, avulsing a one-inch piece of cartilage from the top of the ear, and spitting out the piece of ear on the ring floor. As Holyfield shrieked in pain and jumped in circles, he managed to push Tyson away. As Holyfield turned to walk to his corner, Tyson shoved him from behind. Referee Mills Lane sent Tyson to a neutral corner as an enraged Holyfield gestured for Mills Lane to look at his bitten ear.

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